The official version of the 9/11 attacks is a massive fraud!

No Plane at the Pentagon

“There’s no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.”

On September 11, 2001, the Pentagon was hit by something at 8:37 a.m. However, the wall was essentially still intact for about 25 minutes after the hit. The main damage was a relatively neat hole about 16 feet in diameter that pierced three of the Pentagon’s rings at ground level. Where is the 757 in this picture?

Click photo for an alternate view
Click photo for an alternate view

No hole anywhere near the size of a 757 is apparent as shown in the representation below.

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Computer simulation

The entire wreckage of a 757 could not possibly be inside the Pentagon. Yet, there is clearly no wreckage on the lawn; no plane wreckage, not even building wreckage. The mysterious lack of damage at the Pentagon is in stark contrast with the enormous destruction and flying debris at the WTC south tower.

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The temperature at the WTC was supposedly so high it caused structural failure resulting in the total collapse of the north and south towers. However, directly in front of the Pentagon sit some aluminum-sided construction trailers which sustained no apparent damage. How is it one airliner loaded with fuel can melt steel and bring down a WTC tower, but the one at the Pentagon couldn’t melt a flimsy aluminum trailer? Where did the estimated 5,000 gallons of jet fuel burn off? Where are the signs of flying building debris? In fact, there couldn’t be any appreciable building debris because the building is still intact. The bulk of any plane wreckage would have to be outside the building. However, there is no visible plane wreckage anywhere.

Some have suggested the plane completely disintegrated when it hit the wall. If the plane disintegrated, that simply means the parts were no longer integrated. It does not mean they disappeared. Surely, there would have to be some debris on the lawn. The entire wreckage of a huge airliner could not simply vanish.

Although the damage below may look dramatic, it’s insignificant compared to the devastation at the WTC and is all building wreckage, not airliner debris. It might be argued the plane debris was removed by the time this photo was taken. However, the previous photo shows there wasn’t any debris to remove in the first place.

The wall did not collapse until 9:08 a.m.

No wreckage in the building, no wreckage on the lawn. Where’s the 757?

Where’s the plane?

Furthermore, how could a fragile aluminum 757 cause the damage shown below:

The walls of the Pentagon are reinforced concrete 18 inches thick. Therefore, each ring having two walls is 36 inches. The projectile pierced a neat hole through three rings totaling 9 feet of reinforced concrete! We have been led to believe an aluminum airliner was solid enough to create a neat hole through 9 feet of reinforced concrete, but at the same time we were told the entire wreckage completely vaporized on contact. These two claims are absolutely contradictory. Both cannot be true.

The following test shows that jets disintegrate when they hit concrete walls. Only a missile could have made a hole like the one in the photos.

Not only would a 757 be incapable of producing such a hole, we must again ask, what happened to all the fuel? At the World Trade Center, the enormous fire resulting from spilled fuel supposedly caused both towers to collapse. However, at the Pentagon, burning fuel does not seem to have caused any substantial damage.

It becomes obvious the damage sustained at the Pentagon is more consistent with a missile strike than an airliner crash.

Besides the evidence presented so far, it’s simply unbelievable an Al-Qaeda student pilot was able to expertly control a 757 flying at approximately 500 miles per hour so that it ended up perfectly planted at ground level into the wall of a building only four stories high without leaving even the slightest skid mark on the grass. Such a theory defies logic and completely ignores the difficulties involved with flying such an aircraft. Frankly, it is ridiculous. It’s doubtful the most experienced pilot in the world could have done this.

Computer simulation

After 9/11, we heard explanations claiming flying a modern airliner is as easy as driving a car. That is nonsense. It may be easy to sit in a cockpit and turn a little to the left or right, but that’s where the similarities end. Calculating the point of touchdown, figuring in altitude, airspeed, etc., and accomplishing touchdown successfully is very complicated. It’s for highly skilled experts. Sure, today, a lot of the calculations are done by computers, but some terrorist who took a few lessons in a simulator could not know how to complete the task. Airline pilots are not just glorified automobile drivers or video game players. To imply they are demonstrates gross ignorance or is an attempt to deceive.

There were cameras all over the Pentagon, but we still have not been allowed to see what the cameras saw.

Is all this a conspiracy theory? No, I have not presented any theories, just the facts. Actually, the official story is the real conspiracy theory; a theory not based on hard evidence. Without moving into the theoretical, we can conclude this much: we have been lied to. Since this is the case, we are justified in being suspicious about the rest of the U.S government’s version of the 9/11 events.